The EFL Magazine

It calls itself “The magazine for English language teachers”. It publishes articles that consistently ignore findings in the field of SLA and pander to the worst prejudices of current ELT. It disallows comments that it doesn’t like. It’s a rag, it’s the Daily Mail of ELT.

Whatever the EFL Magazine touches turns to dross. Critical acumen is nowhere to be seen, bland baloney is everwhere. Search the back numbers of the EFL Magazine and you won’t find anything that makes your heart sing: nothing, nada, nix.

The EFL Magazine is devoted to middle of the road, badly crafted, mind numbing platitudes. It has nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, to offer anyone who wants to know what’s really going on in ELT. It’s the worst, most boring, most conservative, most profoudly empty magazine ever published. It’s the zenith of dross, the bottom of the pit, a repository of mediocre mumblings lost in their own tedious vacuity.

I challenge anybody to find an article in the EFL Magazine that has made any significant contribution to our understanding of ELT.

You want evidence of just how bad this awful rag is? Read it!

You want to make a comment that the editors don’t like? Try it. I’ve made various comments and they’ve all been censored.


One thought on “The EFL Magazine

  1. An excerpt, for those who are curious but dare not venture forth,

    For those of you that don’t know, ‘backwash’ is the term for teaching course content that is tailored specifically to ensure that the students have the answers for the test they will be taking at the end. This is of course considered a negative effect”

    This is only one bit from one article, and I’d like to think that the content is generally more accurate and less simplistic than this (backwash is not universally considered negative, and involves a little bit more than ensuring students have test answers for their end-of-course assessment!).

    Anyway, the author then goes on to conflate backward-designed courses with all courses and achievement testing with all types of testing before praising the phenomenon of the ‘can do’ statements of the EFL overlords of inner circle contexts, contending that these statements are THE way to defeat backwash and develop linguistic competence beyond the specifications of an exam.

    Arguably, the magazine is aimed at new or casual practitioners of ELT, in which case those people could use the magazine as a reference point, much like using Wikipedia when writing an essay – find the info on a wiki page, track down the primary source, learn the full, correct version of what was said on Wiki, and cite that in your reference list.


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