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Writing MA papers and Doing a Dissertation

• TESOL Quarterly Quantitative Research Quantitative Research TESOL Quarterly2

• TESOL Quarterly Qualitative Research Qualitative Research TESOL Quarterly1

• Dummy’s Guide to SPSS SPSS Dummy

• Likert Scale Likert Scale1

• Likert Questionnaire Likert ScaleQ

• Replication Studies Replication Studies

• Getting Started on Your Literature Review http://www.lc.unsw.edu.au/onlib/litrev.html

* Organising an MA Paper Very rough draft of a book I’m trying to write. Organisation and presentation of an MA Paper

* Recording Interviews Recording interviews

* Mixed Methods Mixed Mehods A L 2012-Hashemi

* Evaluation of theses Its_a_PhD_not_a_Nobel_Prize[1]



* Rod Ellis edits collection of papers on Language Teaching Research (2014)Language Teaching Research-2014-Ellis-425-7

* Long on Current Trends in SLA Long Current trends in SLA research

* McLaughlin on Krashen Mclaughlin Krashen

* Gregg, Long, Jordan, and Beretta defend Rationalism. Applied_Linguistics-1997-GREGG-538-58[1]

* SLA and Postmodernism. SLA postmodern

* Vygotsky and SLA. Vygotsky SLA

* SLA Sequences Nick Ellis. Ellis1996Chunking[1]

* Role of L1. State of the Art Aticle 2012. Mohebbi[1]

* Pscholinguistics. State of the Art 2013. Second Language Research-2012-Roberts-113-27[1]

* Review of Methods in SLA 2013. Second Language Research-2013-Ionin-119-28[1]

* Gregg on Language Socialization Second Language Research-2006-Gregg-413-42[1]

* Pica on SLA and Applied Linguistics. fulltext[1]

* Nick Ellis: Explicit and Implicit Knowledge. NEllisImplicitExplicit

* Fossilisation. fossilisation

* Updating the Fossilisation Hypothesis. Fossilisation State of art

* Variables in Attrition. Variables attrition

* Carroll on Noticing. Noticing Carroll

* Motivation: Ten Commandments by Dörnyei and Csizer 1998-dornyei-csizer-ltr[1]

* Dörnyei CLT 2009-dornyei-persp[1]

* Dörnyei The L2 Motivational Self System (2009) 2009-dornyei-mm[1]

* Dörnyei & Ushodi New Theory of Motivation 2009-ushioda-dornyei-mm[1]

* Emergentism: Gregg gregg_s_of_emergentism_in_sla[1]

* Review of research on age and L2 Age and L2

* Working Memory: Baddeley Overview 366752379.Baddeley_Working_Memory_Lang_2003[1]

* Working Memory, phonology. Martin and Ellis. Martin&EllisSSLA2012 working memory

* Aspects of Working Memory: Juff and Warrington. Working memory

* Fossilization and Stabilisation, Mike Long M.Long%20Stabilisation%20and%20fossilisation[1]

Other Papers

* Review of Hoey Lexical Priming Hoey lex priming

* English as a Lingua Franca: State of the Art Very good. LT_article ELF

* English as a Lingua Franca and Pragmatic Competence ELF ELT J-2012

* English as a Lingua Franca Presentation. ELF JACET2008_keynote_jenkins[1]

* ESP Presentation. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/geoffjordan-1775560-esp-presentatuio/

* Dogme: Thornbury’s first manifesto dogme

* Widdowson reviews books on Critical Discourse Analysis. Applied Linguistics-1998-WIDDOWSON-136-51[1]

* Accents. accents

* Scott Thornbury on the Lexical Approach. Lexical approach[1]

* Dogme: Update by Scott Thornbury dogme2

* Nick Ellis on Grammar. Grammar Ellis

* CLT in Asia Annual Review of AL clt in Asaia

* Listening: Research Article 2012. Listening

* Grammar Review. grammar_research[1]

* Perspectives on Motivation. Motivation paper2381[1]

* Classic article on Task-Based Syllabus by Long and Crookes. Long&Crookes[1]

* Classroom Observation. Symposium discussing John Fanselow’s work. jalt2011-049

* Concordancing – an excerpt from my MA diss. which I wrote way back when. Excerpt from paper on concordancing1

* Discourse Analysis: The Discourse Dynamics Approach to Metaphor and Metaphor-Led Discourse Analysis DA and Complexity

*Review of Complexity theory Review complexity theory

* Gavin Dudeney on the Internet Dudeney intro

* Easy Intro to Using the Internet Use of tech2012

* Process Approach to writing (2000) Writing

Intentionality  H.Dreyfus on Heidegger

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      I’m afraid the links got lost when I shut down the old blog and started this one 2 years ago. I was told subsequently that I’m technically breaking the law offering these pdf files, so now you’ve brought my attention to it, I think I should remove the whole section. If there are any there you’re particularly keen to get hold of, send me an email or a DM on Twitter and I’ll send them to you.


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